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The purpose of this page is to assist trainee pilots in learning to fly under the guidance of any of the instructors of the Beelsby Model Flying Club.

In order to ensure a high level of safety at the field, and to cover all the necessary lessons, in pre and post flight tasks as well as during actual flying training, a number of objectives have been identified and encompassed within the Beelsby flying training scheme.

All of the instructors have agreed to adopt a common approach to the task of flying tuition and to teach to a common syllabus. The advantage for the pupil is that if their ‘preferred’ tutor is unavailable, another tutor will be able to ascertain what has already been covered and what the next steps should be.

The Beelsby flying training scheme consists of the following:

  • Checking the model for airworthiness prior to flight
  • Correct use of the frequency pegboard system
  • Safe engine starting and adjustment
  • Observation of field etiquette
  • Assessment of wind and weather conditions
  • Take off procedure
  • Intelligent use of power during all phases of the flight
  • Trimming of the aircraft
  • Circuit flying, left and right hand circuits, controlling speed and height
  • Preparations for landing, descending, controlling speed, attitude and heading,
  • Landing and overshooting
  • Post flight checks