Club Rules

  1. All members must be covered by valid BMFA insurance.
  1. When parking on the field, cars must be parked in accordance with the site plan. Vehicles must not, however, be taken onto the field when the ground is soft, but should be parked on, or adjacent to, the ramp.
  1. Model flying is not permitted while grass cutting operations are in progress
  1. Only one flight line / pilot’s box is to be operational at any one time. The location determined by the prevailing wind direction and by agreement of the majority of pilots present.
  1. If using old 35Mhz radio equipment and other flyers are active, the peg board system must be used.
  1. Jet turbine powered models are not allowed to be operated from this site. UNDER REVIEW!!!!
  1. When a model  I.C. engine or electric motor is being started / tuned. The aircraft must be adequately restrained, facing away from,and approximately 2 metres away from parked vehicles and any seated spectators.
  1. Aircraft must never be flown out of or into the pits, however, cautious taxiing out of and returning to within 5 metres (15 feet) of the pits is permitted.
  1. With the exception of large models requiring an extended take off run, take-offs should be upwind of parked cars and commence in front of the ‘Coned Pilots Box’.
  1. Before taking off or launching a model, ensure the road is clear of any moving vehicles.
  1. All pilots (fixed wing and helicopter) must stand in the ‘Coned Pilots Box’ when flying. The only exceptions being organised competition events, eg. Combat and Gliding etc..
  1. Simultaneous helicopter /multirotor and fixed wing flying is not permitted except for highflying gliders flying well away from the normal flying area.
  1. Pilots under instruction may take off from the middle of the strip but he and his instructor must return to the Coned pilots box as soon as it is safe to do so.
  1. New members may not fly solo until assessed by a Club Instructor.
  1. Always keep the runways clear. Do not take off or land when anyone is on the landing strip.
  1. Aircraft must never be flown over the road, the field on the other side of the road, the pits and parked cars.
  1. Generally, a maximum of only 4 aircraft should be flying simultaneously and should roughly follow a circuit pattern defined by the prevailing weather conditions. However, the following exceptions may apply .

Additional high flying gliders well away from the normal power flying area.

Organised competitive flying activities, combat etc.

Individual 3D aerobatic sessions.

However, in all cases, it’s essential that liason and good communication with all other flyers is maintained

  1. Keep other flyers informed of your intentions over the strip by clearly calling “LOW PASS, “LANDING” “DEAD-STICK” etc. in sufficient time for others to take appropriate action.
  1. Always use an effective silencer/muffler on I.C. engines.
  1. Members’ guests are welcome to fly at the field, after prior consultation with a Committee Member, and then only if covered by BMFA insurance. Any guest’s visits should not exceed 3 per year.
  1. Members wishing to bungee launch gliders should liaise with any power flyers present to avoid obstructing the flying strip. The bungee anchor should be securely placed in such a position for it to be impossiblefor any part of the line to drop across the road.
  1. Always remove litter and any wreckage from the strip and surrounding fields, however. (see below)
  1. A crashed model within the crop should only be retrieved if it’s location is known precisely and by a maximum of only two people. They mustrestrict their movements to the obvious tractor lines to ensure there is absolutely no damage to the surrounding crop.

If a lost model cannot be easily located within the crop, a committee member should be informed as soon as possible, giving as much detail as possible, to initiate a further ‘none intrusive’ search for the model. (Camera equipped multi-rotor models etc.)

  1. Be aware that A.A. rules state that models over 7 kgare not permitted to fly above  400 feet.
  1. The use of mobile phones, near transmitters ( ~2 metres), is to be avoided.
  1. Dogs are not allowed on any partof the field .
  1. All club members must conduct his or herself in such a manner as not to cause a nuisance, inconvenience or annoyance to other members or to the general public.

If in doubt about any situation, or any of the above, common sense and friendly co-operation with any other member present is expected.

Any member blatantly or repeatedly disregarding these rules risks disciplinary procedure as laid out in section 8 of the club’s constitution.

NOTE, The above rules are relevant  to our club / site only. All members are expected to acquaint themselves with the C.A.A. legislation regarding the flying of model aircraft.

The BMFA web page gives a good over view on these.