About BMFC

Our History

In the early 1980’s a local group of friends flew their model aircraft at a restricted site at Riby. Due to the restrictions the group were on the lookout for an alternative flying site that could give them more freedom. In 1984, one of the friends approached a farming business local to Beelsby for permission to fly on their land.

They agreed, and the ‘strawberry patch’ area was chosen for flying activities. The only restrictions were that the stretch of grass used for the caravans during strawberry picking season was to be maintained, they could only fly outside of season and the group of friends where the only ones allowed to use the site.  Essentially this stretch of grass became the runway.

Over the following years the group of friends flew the grass strip regularly and attracted other local modellers to request access. This was denied largely due to the previously agreed arrangement with the land owner.

However as time progressed, in 1990/91 the land owner decided to grow other crops on the land, and in order for the friends to continue using the field they would have to compensate the land owner. It was at this point the private club went public and began accepting formal new members.

The club steadily grew over the years and in approximately 2008 the chairman and secretary elected that the club should be affiliated with the British Model Flying Association. The rest as they say is history….

Our club is comprised of diverse members covering all ages and abilities. Our members range from complete novices to competition standard, sponsored pilots. We strive to be a club that is fun and welcoming to all, providing an environment that everyone can fly in a safe and enjoyable manner. Most weekends we have active members flying a variety of models ranging from war birds, acrobatic and EDF planes to scale and 3D helicopters to
gliders. Throughout the year we also hold a variety of more organised events
which are open to non-members (subject to holding the appropriate insurances
and membership of the BMFA). 

Within the club we have a number of BMFA qualified instructors who are happyto support and mentor members through A and B tests in both fixed and rotarywing. These are experienced members of the club who have an extensive range ofmodelling and flying expertise. 

In addition to our qualified instructors, all of our members are friendly and willing to support others in their learning and development. This includes a number of members who are prepared to “buddy box” with those who are less experienced or looking to build up their confidence.

In addition to support at the field, many of our members build their own models and are happy to share their knowledge and experiences to those who are looking to do the same. This covers planes, helicopters, multirotors and gliders.

Present Day

Where are we?


Our mission is to continue to develop and promote the sport of model aviation in a safe and enjoyable fashion. 


Our core vision is centred on being a club that is friendly, positive, fun, helpful, pro-active and inclusive for all to enjoy. BMFC has and will always maintain this high level of commitment to its members that has been developed over our 35+ years. We take pride in having a uniquely friendly culture within our club.