– Beelsby MFC 2019 Helicopter Fly-In –

Beelsby MFC hosted hosted it’s 2019 Helicopter Fly-In on Saturday 06-Jul-2019.

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Image Credit: John A (Beelsby Model Flying Club (BMFC) Facebook Page)

The fly-in was open to all RC helicopter pilots, including those who are not members of Beelsby Model Flying Club (though BMFA insurance was required).

In total, 12 pilots attended the fly-in, of mixed abilities. Some marked progression was seen in a few of the pilots from last year this year. Some of the more experienced pilots freely and tactfully passed on advice and tips which is very much in the spirit of the funfly.

Rain fell from 0700 until about 1000. After that it was overcast with a few sunny spells and wind speeds of 8 to 10 mph gusting 15 mph.

Overall, the fly in was successful and positive feedback was received from those who attended. The club hopes to host another helicopter fly-in in 2020; we’ll book better weather next year!

Special thanks to all those who attended, plus;
Mark B – For loan of his personal equipment (music system) and managing it throughout the day. Also promoting the club on the day. This worked very well this year as it did last year and was a great feature for the day.
Richard C – General assistance, supplying tea . coffee and sauces / condiments. Also loan of his personal equipment (cobb BBQ, hot drinks equipment) and doing some of the cooking for the day. Promoting the club.
Ron A – For donating the portable toilet to the club. This was donated by Ron to the club last year and was used again this year.
Beelsby Committee – We would like to express a thankyou to the committee for allowing the day to go ahead and use of the club flying field.
Club Members – We would also like to say thanks to the members for their support / understanding in loosing access to their field for the day. Both the efforts of the committee and its members is very much appreciated by all involved.