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Depending on the weather, the grass will be cut regularly.

Please note: No flying permitted when grass is being cut!


As you probably already know, we have contracted out the chore of cutting the grass at Beelsby through 2011 and (hopefully) beyond.

This is now being done by a semi retired landscape gardener. The schedule will a cut every 10 days, or so, through the spring/summer when growth is at its peak.

Then less frequent towards the end of the season when the growth is less vigorous.

The the main advantage of this move, is of course, it takes the responsibility of this job/chore away from John Rickett, Roger Pegg and myself, which was very time consuming.

Also, the gentleman who now cuts it, has a more industrial machine than ours, which can have the grass cut in about one and half hours, compared to four hours when we did it.

Again, please give the man the courtesy of not flying when he is cutting the grass.


BMFC sec.

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  • Hi i am not a member but i was very impressed with the condition of your flying field. regards mark

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