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Charging Station

I’ve done a bit of a winter project, a charging station in an alu flight case, by modifying two 12v PC power supplies to work together to produce 24v, it’s mainly aimed at home charging and indoor club charging, but the 24v output port on the case is going to be modified to also serve as a 12-24v DC input port direct to the charger for use with field batteries.

AC mains power input, switch, charger USB port access, power output, and fans.
Charger and PSU’s.
I’ve also added pics of my modified Sullivan Dynatron, I’ve had this a while but thought it may add to the website.

It runs off of a switch mode (12/24v) lipo power pack, the benefit of my design is that because it uses two 3 cell 2500mAh lipos (former flight packs) I was able to put them in a circuit that switches them between being in series and being in parallel, which means if you’re starting a small motor you can set it to parallel mode and get 12.6v and effectively have a 5Ah battery saving energy, or switch it to series mode and have 25.2v 2.5Ah for larger motors.

This starter helped get a stuborn petrol engine going recently, and it seemed to make a good impression, if anyone wants a dynatron converting to wireless lipo, I am willing to do so.

Cordless Dynatron
Leon Hostad.

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