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Dear all,

For the benefit of those who couldn’t make the A.G.M. last Monday night, the following is a brief summary of the items discussed.

As usual, the chairman opened proceedings giving a broad outline of the status of the club declaring that it was in excellent shape both actively and financially.

The first Item on the agenda was the complaints received from Russ Fenwick regarding models being flown over his field, the other side of the road. The reasons for his concerns are still not clear but, on the basis that he could endanger the continued use of the site, it was reinforced that flying over his field, and the road, should be avoided at all costs. It was acknowledged that the club rules were a bit vague on this point and would be re-written.
Furthermore, all the club rules, in general, should be updated.

Several times, throughout the year, it has been suggested that the combination on the gate locks should be changed. This will be done at the end of the year and obviously all members will be updated.

Roger Pegg was then asked to comment on the years activities and made the following comments:

Fail safes.
Referring to some of the issues noted throughout 2015, by several members, whereas the fail safe systems used on modern 2.4 Ghz radio have a vulnerability to be de-activated, worst still, reversed by changes made after making changes to servo direction, mixing etc. and not going through the re-binding process again.
It was noted that different radio manufacturers employed different fail safe systems and fail safe re-set procedures varied from manufacturer to manufacturer.
However, In short, he emphasised the importance of checking the function/ operation of the models radio failsafe at every flying session.

Lost Models.
While Jonathan Fenwick is more than happy for us to continue to use this field for model flying, he takes great exception to people wading through his crops causing significant damage. It has always been an ‘Unwritten Rule’ that if a model comes down in mature crop, only two people should enter the crop to retrieve it, keeping strictly to the defined tractor lines. However, this is only if it is known exactly where the model is and that it’s certain that the model can be retrieved easily. (Again, the club rules need updating on this.)
We now have several methods, at our disposal, to locate lost models without unnecessary incursions into the crops.
If you are unfortunate enough to lose a model in the crop, just contact a committee member and we will locate and retrieve it for you.
It was mentioned that although the field was being kept in good condition, there were one or two mole hills and several rabbit holes, within the main strip, which could cause undercarriage damage. There was a call for the strip to be rolled again, which brought a mixed reception, until it was thought that a member had access to a roller and it could possibly be done for free! It was decided to re-assess the ground condition early in the next season.

I had been tasked, some time ago to get Leon Hostad nominated with the BMFA as a club examiner for A & B certs. For helis. I reported that I had written to the BMFA but had received no reply but promised to chase it up. (done!)

I was also asked to make available the club trainer, for conversion to 2.4 Ghz (mode 1 & 2 configuration) so it could be utilised again for next season. John Rowan has been providing a home for this model for the last few years, so I offered to retrieve it to pass on to Ron / Dennis to fettle it ready for 2016.
Ron Austen (treasurer and membership secretary) then took the chair who ran through and distributed the clubs accounts. Suffice to say, the clubs finances are in excellent condition and a copy of the detailed accounts are available to any member on request. (Just contact Ron Austen at .. ( )
He also ran through the membership departures and additions through 2015. Welcoming the latter to the club.

He then handed the chair back to the chairman who made the following announcement:
“Due to the excellent state of the clubs finances, the committee had decided that, For existing members only, the club renewal subscription for 2016 would be reduced to just £50! plus whatever the BMFA insurance is, (not known yet). Renewal notices would be posted around the beginning of December, as usual.

Members are again requested to renew their subscriptions (or their intentions known), promptly to enable the renewal process with the BMFA to be completed as simply and as quickly as possible.

Then, In accordance with the club constitution, the chairman announced that, any of the present committee would be prepared to resign and relinquish their post to any of the attending membership (subject to an election).
However, as usual, after a deafening silence, the present committee was asked to continue for yet another year.

Finally, Ron Austen put forward the idea of a local ‘Bring and Buy’ event, whereas, we organise a venue, contact our local surrounding clubs with the offer to rent a table to sell their ‘modelling stuff’ and have a general get together.
Most, at the meeting, had a cautious welcome to the suggestion but wasn’t sure about the amount of ‘take up’ there might be.


Comment from me:
I have been involved with this club since its inception (30 years now) and I’m really pleased to see a new enthusiasm developing within the club through 2014/15, which has been sadly lacking for so many years, previously.
Through 2015, I was invited to a couple of events at Winterton and also met people at GADMACs (Swallow) and on every occasion, I have been welcomed with open arms.
For many reasons, we at Beelsby, have tended to keep our ‘selves to our selves’ and ‘heads down’, particularly from officialdom. However, in future, I think we should be less insular and embrace other like minded clubs and individuals to our ‘hallowed’ site.
Our ‘Fun Day’, in particular, has always been popular, and the attendance from GADMAC and Winterton Flying Clubs has brought a new freshness and perspective to the event.
It’s all too easy to let others ‘organize events and do..err….stuff’, but without our support, they will quickly think ‘Well what’s the point?’ and they won’t bother in future and eventually our hobby / interest becomes the poorer for it.
Take my word for it, Its there’s nothing better than talking ‘Aeromuddling’ with other like minded people over a couple of …‘low flyers’!

All the best. Tony

BMFC. Sec.