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Just a few salient points arising from the 2011 AGM for the benefit of those who couldn’t make it.  I won’t go into who said what, in stead, a brief summary of the matters discussed and decisions made.

1) The financial position of the club is excellent with a healthy reserve of funds for the purchase of a new mower, should we ever need it.

2) The grass cutting, which has been contracted out to Mark Chapman this year, has been a great success and is planned to continue through 2012.
The cost of this is considerably more than doing it ‘in house’ but the benefits versus cost and given our financial position make it the preferred option.

3) Our own mower will be kept and maintained just in case the above arrangement should falter for any reason.

4) The container which houses the mower and other club owned equipment needs modification and maintenance. A few of the committee have agreed to do the modifications
to improve the ventilation but we will be putting out a call for a working party, before the next season starts, to give the container a wire brushing and repaint.

5) The field is suffering considerable burrow hole damage by rabbits, the farmer has agreed that a group of gun enthusiasts can begin a ‘cull’ of these in attempt to reduce the damage caused. However, again, before the 2012 season starts, we will be mustering a working party to come along to the field with spades etc. to fill in as many holes as possible.

6) The committee has been approached by some members from the Linden’s club who, for various reasons, want to re-join our club next year. The general consensus seems to be opposed to this but, as with any membership application, they would need to be carefully vetted by the committee.

7) The enthusiasm and the turn out for the monthly Club Nights has significantly dropped off. Therefore, It has been decided to abandon these in favour of selected ‘Club Flying Nights at the Field’ during the summer. New prospective members, who would normally be invited to the ‘Club Nights’ to be vetted, will now be met by members of the committee by pre-arrangement at a convenient location.

8) Safety, one or two minor incidents throughout the year but generally no complaints. Advised to re-aquaint ourselves the guidance notes given on the back of our membership cards.
One or two incidences of Ex members using the field without renewing their membership. Advised that its your right to ‘respectfully’ challenge anyone, who you don’t know, about
their membership and, if in doubt, contact a committee member.

9) There were no proposals for changes in the present committee so, again, we have agreed to carry on for yet another year. The exception being Andy Bramley (membership secretary) who had made it known, for some time now, that he wished to stand down. There were 3 members who had tentativley agreed to take on the role but after a ‘show of hands’, Graham Gardner, was voted on as the new membership secretary.

AOB. There have been several instances of the gate locks being left open, ie. the locks not secured properly. PLEASE! be advised that the clasp will only lock when its compressed and the tumblers are spun afterwards! I’m sure this is an oversight but please make sure the locks are ‘locked’ before leaving the site. I won’t go into the consequences of the possibility of residence of ‘New age Travellers’ etc.. The lock combination will be changed for 2012… I will advise you of the new number closer to the time.

The ground is getting quite soggy now, so can we please start to park vehicles on the ramp only now. Thanks!

The question was raised about our web site. While Cor is desperately trying to keep it alive, there has been no input from any of the members to help keep it up to date. (self included)

Anything and everything that can help him to keep him going would be very much appreciated. We need a web site, so please make the effort and help him out with any news, gossip, projects, pictures etc etc.!

I think that’s about it, I’m sure someone will advise/correct me if I have missed anything or got it wrong.

All the best Tony

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