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Dear All

Just short note this time to summarise the AGM and bring you up to speed with what’s been happening recently.


There were about 17 members turned up plus the committee which was a little disappointing as it is this forum which shapes the direction of the club for the following year. Glenn opened the meeting with a summary of events (or the lack of them) through 2009.

In short, 2009 was a particularly uneventful year which may be viewed as a bad or a good thing, depending on your point of view. On the positive side, we had no complaints about noise, dangerous flying or any incidents involving the general public and there was only the one incident regarding models being ‘shot down’ by a couple members not following the peg board rule. (More on that later)

On the negative side, there is a general feeling that the club has become apathetic, lacks enthusiasm and tends to be insular. That may be, but the great attraction of our chosen hobby / sport is that you can pretty much please yourself. As long as you are curteous and civil to other members, follow a few simple rules, act responsibly and fly safely, well that’s about it!

Some people really enjoy performing in front of an audience and others just simply don’t like to. Its as simple as that. As the saying goes “ yer pays yer money, yer please yerself”

At the moment we seem to have a membership who tends not to want to involve themselves in organised events, that’s fine! We won’t have them then, simple!

I have been a member of this club for nearly 30 years now (yes! 30 years) and I have pretty much seen it all. One year it will be really ‘quiet’, like this year, then the following year its “all change!” It all depends on the new members, they are the ones that generate new enthusiasm and impetus.

Anyway, Glenn continued to give an overview of the clubs position regarding it’s membership and financial state before handing over to John Rowan, the treasurer.

John distributed very detailed accounts sheets to everyone and then went on to describe the clubs financial position and future strategy re. the bonus fund to purchase a new mower in a few years time. In short the club is in excellent financial condition and given a membership level similar to 2009 he recommended no change in the level of subscriptions for 2010. This was put to the floor, voted on, and accepted by those present. He finished off with his usual plea that’s subscriptions be paid promptly when the renewal notices are issued in December.

Roger Pegg, (safety officer) then took up the narrative and stated that he was very pleased that there had been no accidents or incidences involving the general public through 2009, however, he re-itterated the need to strictly observe the peg board procedure EVEN though a good proportion of members were now using 2.4 GHz equipment. A lapse of this, well established, procedure had seen the demise of 2 models this year. Again, 35Mhz is STILL very much in use and is still the preferred equipment to control big and expensive models. PLEASE USE THE PEG BOARD!!

I was asked to make comment but I just waffled on about nothing in particular. Generally, its fair to say, the club is in really good shape and long may it continue!


So, we came to the awkward moment in proceedings when the present committee stood down and offered the positions to anyone in the assembled group. An awful lot of foot wear inspection took place until Glenn finally put everyone out of their misery by announcing that the “old” committee (and I do mean old) were prepared to carry on for another year, however, Leon Hostad, the 2009 heli rep, because of work commitments, had struggled to make the committee meetings etc. throughout 2009 and had asked Ian Copass to take over as heli-rep for 2010. Ian agreed and is now officially the new heli-rep.

Ian is a really accomplished flyer and exponent of all things ‘helicopter’ and I’m sure he will bring an invaluable contribution to the committee proceedings.

Mower Storage

Right out of the blue, a problem has arisen regarding the storage of the mower and trailer. In short, the farmer is committed to store grain, fertiliser etc. for himself and others in his barns at the yard and needed to move the mower/ trailer to Glenn’s rented storage facility. The “whys and wherefores” are not important, suffice to say we need to store the mower and trailer in a secure place for the winter and, moreover, the foreseeable future. The farmer has agreed we can still store the mower at the yard but not in any of his covered storage areas. So, with this in mind, Glenn had made some enquires regarding the purchase of a used shipping container in which we could still store the mower at the yard. The latest news I have is, that a suitable container can be bought for around £500 and if ‘all else fails’ I can arrange for it to be transported to the yard and finally positioned.

This is obviously an expense we hadn’t reckoned for but given the strength of our financial position it’s really not too much of a concern.

Winter Parking Protocol

With autumn turning to winter the ground at the field will soon become too soft for vehicles to be parked on it. Okay, I know its been very dry lately but it is only a matter of time before cars running onto the field will start to cause damage. So, as usual, from now on will you all please restrict parking to the ramp area. This means parking with extra care and consideration to allow others to do the same. We experimented last year and proved we can get 9 cars on the ramp without obstructing the road.

New Projects

In my last rendition I mentioned a couple of new models that were on the go but had no pictures to show. Kevin Dennehy has sent me these of the undercarriage arrangement of his Heston Pheonix ….straight forward enough??…a piece of cake!!! Err hum…..

As good a place as any to start a new model I suppose?

And now, as the saying goes “for something completely different!

Steve Rickett’s Libbellula. (I’m sure he has built it cos no one can say it or spell it)

Err… different don’t you think!!

Steve hopes to get it finished to enable him to do the shows with it next year but I have a sneaking suspicion that life, family and work may have other ideas….…


I think I have just about covered everything for now.

Obviously, being this time of the year, there will be less flying issues to report, but building projects progress is always interesting, so please keep the pictures and narrative coming in.

Also, anything you feel that could enhance the web site, please pass on to Cor Klos at I’m sure he would appreciate anything you have to offer.

Anyway, unless there is something of ‘earth shattering’ importance to report, the next rendition will probably be in 2010. So have a good Xmas and remember to get your subscriptions paid promptly, the rent for the field needs to be paid in January.

All the best Tone


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