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Dear All,

For the benefit of those who couldn’t attend the A.G.M. last Monday, the following is a brief resume of what was discussed / decided.

Essentially the club is in a very good financial position after making a significant profit from the sale of the mower container, trailer and winch which, under the present regime, are no longer a requirement. A detailed account of the clubs finances are available to members on request. As a result of this, there is no necessity to increase the cost of subscriptions, which remain at £70.  I am not aware of any changes to the BMFA subs. either.


John Rowan has now handed over the responsibilities of treasurer to Ron Austen who also took over the role of membership secretary from Graham Gardam, earlier in the year.

Ian Copass has informed us that, because of other commitments, he can no longer carry on as Heli-rep. However, Leon Hostad had made it be known, some time ago, that he would be prepared to take on this role if required. This is yet to be confirmed with him as he couldn’t make it on the night.

Any objections to the above changes were sought from those in attendance and none were made.

Also, proposals for other volunteers for committee positions were requested, again, none were made so, the rest of the committee remains unchanged for 2015.


No serious issues have been noted through 2014 but Roger Pegg did make reference to a couple of incidents / accidents involving electrically powered aircraft.  In summary, an internal combustion engine cannot start unintentionally… electric motor controlled from a radio signal through a speed controller CAN! and DID!

Also, an electric motor won’t stop until the power is turned off, an internal combustion engine is ‘likely’ to stall if over loaded (i.e. if your fingers, limbs etc. get in the way.)  In short, electrically powered models require as much, if not more, care and respect than glow and petrol engines.

Electrically powered models have become dramatically more powerful over recent years and have the potential to do ‘real’ harm.  Model restraints have become ‘the norm’ for I.C. powered models, its becoming ‘bloody’ clear that they should be a pre-requisite for electrically powered models as well.

FPV and Drones:

There has been a dramatic rise in the popularity and use of FPV Drones, not particularly within in the club, but within the public generally.

Along with this comes the horror stories of some people operating them in a reckless and invasive manner.  Legislation is bound to follow making these practices illegal but at the moment the ‘guidance’ is vague and any prosecutions unenforceable.  Our concern is that as ‘Model Flyers’, some of which who do actually operate FPV Drones, bring unwanted attention and criticism to our club.  Again, In short, all we ask, is that those of us who do operate these machines, do so, in a responsible and safe manner.

Also, I believe the video link signal from the ‘model’ to the base receiver is at a much higher power level than our normal R.C. operating equipment.  2.4GHz and the various frequency hopping systems are designed to cope with other ‘normal’ R.C. operating systems but not transmissions at much greater power levels.

There “shouldn’t be any interference” but……


It was mentioned that the field had suffered some slight damage due to someone driving on the grass when it was a bit soggy.  Although, the weather has been unusually dry for this time of year, it seems it is about the time when we stop driving onto the field and park on the ramp only.

A reminder to all, “When the grass cutter is cutting the grass, there is to be NO model flying!”.  It appears that because the grass cutter had said that it didn’t unduly worry him, it has been assumed that it would be ok to fly when the grass is being cut….. Its not!  This decision was taken and agreed by the club members present at the 2013 AGM and therefore still stands.

Since we haven’t suffered any vandalism or unauthorised access onto the field, the combination on the gate locks will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

I think that was about it?

If I have missed something, I’m sure someone will enlighten me.

All the best Tony

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