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Dear All

Just a summary of the recent A.G.M. for the benefit of the members who couldn’t attend.

There was an excellent turn out with some 28 members attending.

Glenn Mason (chairman) opened proceedings at 7.30 with a short resume of the general state of the club. The increased membership, its financial health, safety record, relations with the farmer and the improved enthusiasm through 2013, has all contributed to making this club as strong as its ever been.

It was mentioned, prior to the meeting, that the room was alive with good-humoured banter, discussions and conversations.

Also, Phil Priscott has started up a bit of a ‘forum’ on Facebook which has already attracted quite a bit of interest and its only been running a few weeks.

For further details contact Phil on:

Before handing over to John Rowan (treasurer) for the financial run down, Glenn announced that due to the financial health of the club and the surplus of funds, accumulated over the last few years, he announced that the committee had agreed that a reduction of subscriptions for 2014 would be appropriate.

So, to that end, please be advised that the club subscriptions for 2014 are reduced from £80 to £70.

There is also a rumour that the B.M.F.A. subs will come down slightly but this has not been confirmed yet.

Glenn went on to say that while there remained an excellent relationship with the farmer (Jonathan Fenwick), Russ Fenwick (who owns the land on the other side of the road) had complained that some models were being flown repeatedly over his field.

Why he should complain about this is not for debate. We just cannot afford to have any complaints from anyone, let alone the farmer, so it was stressed to the membership that this practice should be avoided at all costs.

John Rowan then gave a brief run down of the clubs finances and handed out detailed copies of the accounts to the attending members.

As above, the club is in excellent financial health having made a substantial profit through 2013 (in addition to the profit already made in 2012.) and given the projected expected expenses for 2014, a reduction in subscriptions was proposed and agreed as above.

Glenn then reiterated the success of the 2013 fun day and thanked the ladies of the committee who sold the raffle tickets, badges etc. additional funds which also contributed to this years financial success. However, he did bring up the cost of hiring the portaloo which he considered excessive and proposed that the club buy its own camper style loo and tent for the 2014 event.

This was met with mixed opinions and eventually it was agreed that no decision would be made until next year, nearer the time, and after more quotes were obtained from other vendors.

He then proposed that since the grass cutting was now contracted out and the club container was now essentially redundant, it should be sold.

Again, this was met with differing opinions and it was agreed that if a buyer could be found, a decision would be made by the committee subject to the offer.

Glenn then handed over to Roger Pegg (safety officer) who stated that while there had not been any major safety issues, that he was aware of, during 2013.

There had been a couple of incidents which were worth mentioning to the membership at the meeting.

1) Models crashing, dead stick landings etc. close to the road.

One incident in particular was the of loss of control of my Stampe bi plane. Although not conclusively proven, all the evidence points towards a receiver power failure. The on-board switch being the most suspect. The switch on this model had been installed for several years and never given any problem, however, Roger highlighted and questioned the use of cheap after market switches? I advised that I had later discovered a fault with my Spektrum DX 8 transmitter whereas the connection from the TX module to the antenna had come apart. The connector was/is, at best, tenuous, fragile and vulnerable to any rough handling.

2) Li-pos and the risk of spontaneous combustion. He cited four quite serious incidents of this phenomena within this the club alone.

It known that these cells require special consideration, even when left discharged. The general consensus is that when these cells are being charged (with a proper li-po charger) they should be placed in a fire proof container, ‘ammunition’ box or fire proof blanket etc. and never left unattended. It was also mentioned, from the floor, that Ni-cads and and N.M.H. cells will readily burst into flames if the terminals are shorted out.

3) An incident regarding a four stroke engine back firing was mentioned. This threw the the prop and nut some 25 feet or so, causing damage to another model, a parked vehicle and could have easily injured to a nearby person. A stark reminder to all to keep well clear of the expected trajectory of props. nuts etc. when someone is trying to start their model. This particularly applies to helpers and ‘interested’ onlookers.


There was then a short break in the proceedings and ‘nibbles’ were served up by the staff of the Ship Inn. An array of chicken nuggets, fried scampi, chips and various dips. These were delicious and I, for one, had far too many!


The meeting was called to order again and the subject of the 2014 committee brought up.

1) Dennis Froggatt has agreed to join the committee as “Training Coordinator”. Dennis has trained / is training numerous new members to fly through 2013, has been very involved with co-coordinating the grass cutting and ground maintenance and is probably the most active member of the club at present. From my previous email about the need for ‘active’ flyers being on the committee, Dennis forming part of the committee is wholly appropriate.

2) Ian Copass has let it be known that because of work / business commitments, he may have difficulty fulfilling his role as Hei-Rep through 2014.  If this proves to be the case, Leon Hostad has agreed to take up this post again if necessary.

3) Graham Gardham (membership secretary) Asked the assembly if there was anyone interested in taking up his role of membership secretary… A deafening silence!

The rest of the committee agreed to carry on for anther year, however, if there is any member who wishes to take up a committee post, just let us know. I’m sure you would be very welcome.

Subscriptions. In order to have all the 2014 membership renewals sorted in a timely manner, John Rowan made a plea to the assembly to have their subscriptions in by the end of December please.

Any member who doesn’t intend to re-join again next year, please let me or Graham Gardham know as soon as possible, thanks!

Glenn then called “Any other business”.

The assembly thanked the present committee for their efforts through 2013 and the meeting was duly closed.

I have to say that having attended most BMFC A.G.M.s for nearly 30 years now, this one has to rank as one of the best.

Kind Regards Tony

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