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Regrettably I wasn’t at the A.G.M… I was ill in bed.  So, I have been asked to pass on the ‘gist’ of what went on and decided on the night.

There were no members present wishing to take on any of the committee positions, so the present committee will carry on for another year.

The club is in a good financial position so the subscriptions will remain at the same for 2013.  Note, prompt payment of subs. is essential.

Safety, no major issues, just reminders that pilots should use the ‘Pilot’s Box’ and stand together so they can communicate properly.

Not to fly too close to the parked vehicles and not to fly low over the road. It was also mentioned that there was a ‘moan’ from Russ Fenwick about models being flown over his land (the other side of the road) but sometimes this is unavoidable… so just be aware and try to avoid if possible.

It was proposed and agreed by the majority of the members present that the ‘Club Night’ should be revived, so starting in January, we will re-introduce this event on a bi-monthly basis and see how it goes. (dates and venues to be decided) I will keep you advised.

The lock combination should, and will, be changed early in January, again, I will advise you all exactly when its changed and obviously the new number.

All members, next year will be issued with a BMFC membership ‘road tax disc’ like sticker for their vehicle. This is obviously so we/you can easily identify new and the ‘not so well known’ members and hopefully avoid any discord about being challenged about being a member.

This last item has caused a little controversy but was voted on and accepted by the majority of the membership at the A.G.M. and therefore carried.

As I said, I wasn’t present on the night and may not have got all the points across so if there are any glaring omissions or errors, please let me know.

Thanks Tony

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